Torch TS-600 Camo Topper

$ 424.99

Product Description

True 52 Quart Cooler

Every LiT Cooler comes with removable Ice Legs, our unique Logo Plate -- a clear, central lid insert that allows the light to shine through -- illuminating the LiT Coolers logo (standard), and a Night Sight™ LED liner. Choose between white or blue LED lights.





Capacity: 13 Gal.

Length: 21 in.

Width: 11 in.

Height: 13 5/8 in.


Length: 17 1/2 in.

Width: 27 1/2 in.

Height: 19 5/16 in.


48-50 Cans* with ice legs (4) and 25 lbs. of ice


60 lbs. of Ice** with ice legs (4)

*Using a 2:1 ice-to-can ratio
**When storing ice only