The Finest Coolers in America Welcomes You!

In the world of high-end coolers there are very few that really stand out. We all know about the competition, rotomolded coolers these days are a dime a dozen. Lit Coolers is a company with vision, literally; we have developed a product that has all of the features of the “other guys” coolers but with our own twist. Lit Coolers are equipped with a proprietary, waterproof LED lighting and our “ice legs” system; this is a cooler unlike anything you have ever seen. No matter what you are into the Lit Coolers line of coolers is the perfect companion. We offer a window in the lid for quick, efficient glances into the cooler, and a customizable logo plate to identify your favorite sports teams, greek organization or company logo. The truly amazing thing about Lit Coolers is that with all of these amazing features, the performance is just as good, if not superior, to coolers of similar build.

Football Season

Just what can you use your Lit cooler for anyway? Well we just so happen to be deep in the midst of football season and as the great one once said, “Those cans aren't going to keep themselves cold” - Davy Crockett. If you live in the south you know that football season is not going to bring the snow and cold weather that those fans in Wisconsin have to deal with. The light however does get to be an issue around the late afternoon and a cooler that is equipped with a built in rechargeable light? Perfect! Now there are coolers that you need to plug in in order for them to keep ice as long as a Lit Cooler and now you can save your chord for the blender. You will be the ultimate in tailgating royalty with a Lit Cooler.

Tailgating Legend

Picture it now, you are dressed in a loincloth with a viking helmet on and the chorus of “Rock You Like A Hurricane” blasting through the air. The marching band slowly circling your truck as you stand with your illuminated Lit Cooler and gently pulse the blender to the beat. The cheerleaders will form a delta pattern around you and do leg kicks, because that's what cheerleaders do, leg kicks. The girl from across the parking lot slowly walks towards you in a sultry way carrying a giant smoked turkey leg. Your viking helmet bobs with the music and time begins to slow down, the girl reaches your tailgate and takes a bite of the turkey leg. She tears at it with the voraciousness of a lion into a wildebeest as you flip on the light in your Lit Cooler. OK so maybe not, that might be a little much.

In all seriousness, if you are looking the best cooler in the country, look no further than the ultimate tailgating machine, Lit Coolers. Then again, maybe you are the ultimate tailgating machine and Lit Coolers is your wingman. Yeah… your wing man.